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Book cover for Oui Oui Massuer by Bethany Fine

Oui Oui Massuer

Chasity Cohen has a literal pain in the ass. Her sciatic nerve is driving her to drink.

When Chasity’s girlfriends discover how much pain she’s really in, they suggest she see Gerard, and the way they talk, Chasity almost believes Gerard’s hands are magic.

There’s only one problem. Chasity doesn’t like to be touched. Period.

But she isn’t given a chance to say no when her friends kidnap her and drop her off at Gerard’s massage studio.

What she discovers, as this hunky masseuse slathers her with essential oils, is that she doesn’t mind Gerard touching her. In fact, she actually enjoys it . . . maybe a little too much.

Now, rather than focusing on just getting through the massage, Chasity must spend every ounce of mental energy focusing on not thinking about what else Gerard could do to her.

Click here to discover if Chasity can contain the sexual urges coursing through her, or if she gives in and has her way with Gerard.


Book Cover for Breathe on Me by Bethany Fine

Breathe on Me

It’s been years since Naomi has experienced an orgasm, even though the divorce is only a few months old.

For nothing more than the thrill of a fantasy, she answers an ad by a photographer in the middle of the Superior National Forest seeking a a model willing to pose nude.

Take her clothes off in front of a stranger?

Naomi would have never even thought about such a thing when she was married, but now that her entire life has fallen apart and she wants to find any way to make herself feel sexy again, it’s been all she can think about.

But when she arrives on set, she learns she’ll be posing with another woman, and things quickly get out of control.

Click here to discover how Naomi handles the advances of both her fellow model and the photographer.


Book Cover for Sneaking in with the Babysitter

Sneaking in with the Babysitter

Geneva Choi is so over babysitting.

She already has one foot out the door on her way to college, but she can’t pass up the opportunity to say goodbye to her two favorite kids: Stella and Madison Lundgren . . . even if it means canceling plans with her boyfriend Miles.

But when Miles shows up at the Lundgren house unannounced, Geneva must keep the kids from discovering his presence, and hide him from the Lundgren parents themselves, all while fulfilling her promise to give herself to him, body and soul.

Click here to discover how Geneva balances this juggling act between the Lundgrens and losing her virginity to her boyfriend Miles.