Book Cover for Shorty Story High Tension by Bethany FineChasity Cohen has a literal pain in the ass. Her sciatic nerve is driving her to drink. The doctor wants to prescribe her muscle relaxers and pain killers to mask the pain but doesn’t seem willing to track down the source of the problem. When Chasity’s girlfriends discover how much pain she’s really in they suggest she see Gerard, a massage therapist several of them have been seeing for years. The way they talk, Chasity almost believes Gerard’s hands are magic. There’s only one problem. Chasity doesn’t like to be touched. Period. As much as she wants to find a way to alleviate the pain, she doesn’t know if she can some stranger running his hands all over her body. She isn’t given a choice, however, when her friends kidnap her and drop her off at Gerard’s massage studio. What she discovers, as this hunky masseuse slathers her with essential oils is she doesn’t mind Gerard touching her. In fact, she actually enjoys it … maybe a little too much.

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Buy my new erotic short here!Heather Taylor is an average woman with an average job, average apartment, and an average boyfriend. Despite believing she has nothing worth writing (because nothing extraordinary seems to happen to her), Heather keeps a diary. It’s a habit she’s had for years; one she can’t seem to break. What she has discovered in rereading some of her passages is that there might be something not quite so average about her life. Things seem to happen to her … sexual things she can’t believe or explain. In this first installment of “The Diary of Heather Taylor” entitled “Meet the Parents,” Heather is taking her boyfriend Matthew to meet her mother for the first time. Despite his assurance that they have time for a quickie before they leave for dinner, Heather only teases him and pushes him out the door, not even thinking Matthew would attempt to exact revenge for her teasing at her mother’s house … with her mother in the same room barely an arm’s reach away.

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The Diary of Heather Taylor - Part 2: The ArboretumIn this second installment of “The Diary of Heather Taylor” entitled “The Arboretum,” Heather agrees to run an errand for Old Harold, one of the local retirees who volunteers at the state arboretum. He stops by Heather’s convenience store on his way to a funeral out of state and realizes he has forgotten to tell the arboretum about his absence. Heather agrees to deliver the message to the head gardener, Brad, and decides to plan a little solo time for herself, enjoying a little nature and a little naughty adventure in the semi-public garden. When she arrives at the visitor’s center, however, she finds it deserted. Before she heads out onto the grounds to find Brad and then a spot under a tree to enjoy a little self-love, she decides to make a pit stop in the women’s restroom. It’s there she finds herself trapped inside one of the stalls as two arboretum volunteers burst in and make the restroom their private playground of love. Heather does everything she can to remain quiet so as not to spoil the lovers’ mood and embarrass them all. Already feeling frisky, Heather cannot help but to watch their love-making through the crack in the stall door and mimic each of their motions for her own pleasure.

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The ModelNaomi is a recent divorcee who, on a whim, as a chance to bring some spice back into her life, answers an ad by a photographer in the middle of the Superior National Forest seeking a a model willing to pose nude. This is something Naomi would have never even thought about when she was married, but now — now that it seems her entire life has fallen apart — she wants to find any way to make herself feel sexy — to feel wanted — once more. When she arrives on set, however, she learns she will be posing with another woman: Jasmine. She is at first apprehensive, but quickly relaxes into the role she is to play … that is, until it seems as though Jasmine might be trying to make this more than just a photo shoot. Naomi ignores Jasmine’s advances until the photographer, Dillon, joins Jasmine in her “inappropriate” conduct on set and finally gives in to what her body so desperately craves.

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The Babysitter's BoyfriendGeneva Choi is on her way out of high school and off to college. At age eighteen, she is so over babysitting to earn her spending cash, but she does love spending time with her two favorite kids, the Lundgrens: Stella and Madison. When the opportunity arises to sit for the Lundgren’s one last time before heading off to college, Geneva can’t pass up the chance to spend one more night with the girls and say goodbye to them before she moves — even when it means canceling her plans with boyfriend Miles to finally consummate their relationship before they move away from each other for good. When Miles shows up at the Lundgren’s house unannounced, however, Geneva must keep her wards from discovering his presence, and hide him from the Lundgren parents themselves, all while fulfilling her promise to Miles to give herself to him, body and soul.

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