Does my first post really have to be a complaint? …and other stuff.

Hello, and welcome.  I guess that’s what I should start with.  How are you?  Well, I hope.  I’d like to welcome you to my blog, and officially introduce myself.  My name is Bethany Fine, and I am an author of erotica fiction.  That almost sounds like an introduction to a support group, doesn’t it?  Perhaps that is what this blog will become…but, perhaps not.

I suppose I should also talk about my goals for this blog:  what I hope to achieve by writing it, and what I hope you gain by reading it, but first I need to get something off my chest.  It isn’t a big something, but it just happened as I was sitting down to start my introductory post here and I feel the need to share.

Twitter has officially irritated me…already.  In creating all of my accounts for my authorship (this blog, my Facebook account, and an email account), I felt the need to also have a Twitter account (that’s what all the cool kids are doing these days, aren’t they?).  So, I strolled across the interwebs to that wonderful social media site for those with no attention span, and started the account creation process.  During the process Twitter suggested that I follow some folks to “get started.”  I promptly searched for some of my peers and began following, and within the span of two minutes I was informed that my account had been suspended for “aggressive following.”

What is going on here?  I’m following Twitter’s suggestion of getting started by following 5 people, and my account is suspended for following too many people?  That’s pretty logical.

When I follow the link to rectify the situation, I’m given a couple of check boxes to agree that I will stop my inappropriate behavior, and one of those “I-am-not-a-bot-fill-in-the-blank-by-reading-this-squirelly-text” deals.  Which I proudly fill in, because I can read wavy, out-of-focus text like a pro.  Denied.  I follow these steps ten or twelve times before I nice little message pops up that says there must be some sort of technical issue and that it will be corrected shortly.

Well, I guess my first venture into Twitter isn’t going all that well.  You can certainly attempt to follow me there when and if my account is ever unsuspended.  In the meantime, please find me on Facebook.  We’ll have better conversations over there, anyway.

So, on to the show.  What I expect out of this blog is to express the trials and tribulations of my career as an aspiring erotica author.  I will be self-publishing some short stories on Amazon and other places shortly.  I plan on sharing my experiences as they unfold here on my blog.  I hope this information is helpful to any aspiring writer, whether it be mainstream fiction or erotica.  I also plan on sharing news from the industry and any other little tidbit of information that crosses my path and I find interesting enough to share.

Hopefully, between all of the social media I have set up (including Twitter, whenever that situation is resolved), you (my readers and fans) and I will be able to have some great conversations about what compels us as people – and what we so love about erotica.

So, until next time…


B. Fine

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